Faultline [2007]

Collaboration with Shoabana Jeyasingh Dance Company with Errolyn Wallen, Scanner, Patricia Rosario, Lucy Carter, Ursula Bombshell, Dick Straker. Uk Touring Production 2007-8. Music by Scanner and Errolyn Wallen. Faultline was selected for Dance Top Ten Pick of the Year 2007 by Luke Jennings in The Observer.

This is an excerpt from the film designed for the stage, and is projected interspersed with the dance company performance. It provides a conceptual setting, atmosphere and directly relates to the choreography on stage. It is in direct contrast to my earlier collaborations with Shobana Jeyasingh, being shot on Super 8 film and being entirely in Black and White. Much of the imagery in the film was shot in camera.

“Faultline” is a sophisticated patchwork that’s augmented by film images by Pete Gomes, lending a haunting quality to a dance work that traces a journey from streetwise public life of its characters deep into their psychological motivation” [Metro] March 2007